Allianz Football League 2022 Division 1


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Where can we pick up points? Tyrone, Monaghan, Mayo, Kildare & Donegal?
Realistically Dublin won’t be at full tilt in the first game or anywhere near it and theres always a chance to catch them on the hop early on in the league. Or they could come out with a point to prove after last year….

Monaghan and Kildare look like must wins especially at home if we’re going to stay up.

Donegal away is a tough one but we should have beat them down there a couple of years ago in that gale so would fancy our chances there for sure although would rather we were safe by round 7.

Big Jim

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Just wondering the Armagh v Donegal some are saying its in Letterkenny or Ballybofey
That picture with the fixtures @Diarmi posted above is the official county one they used on social media and it shows Letterkenny, so I'd believe that (for now) before any "hearsay"!!


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I see Paul Hughes has stepped away. Always thought he was a very good player for us and should have gotten more game time the last year or two.
I said on here about a month or so ago that Hughes has left the panel
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