Allianz Football League 2022 Division 1

Ard Mhacha 13

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So I'm currently watching our league game against Kerry (what else would I be doing on Easter Sunday :)). Some of the frees Kerry were given were beyond soft!! Also what on earth did Niall Rowland get a yellow card for? & Ciaran Mackin got a yellow for a shoulder!!! Yet the shoulder into Jarly Og's chest/jaw early doors didn't warrant a free never mind a card :mad: I know watch all of our matches using my orange tinted glasses but seriously the standard of refereeing is so poor, I don't know how players don't lose the head more often. & as for the Kerry & the steps rule, I presume they're exempt from that particular rule!
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Rufus T Firefly

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Donegal fans are hilarious on social media . They are definitely up there with Tyrone on Olympic levels of whinging and crying . It’s another case of their poor wee boys done nothing wrong and those bad Armagh ones did all . Saint Michael Murphy just wants to play football and be the nice guy .

In my experience there is a lot of truth in this. I remember getting into a few spats with Donegal ones on around the time we played them in 2014. If memory serves me well, one of the McGees threw Grugan over an advertising hoarding behind the Hill goals and a Donegal follower stated that he'd been provoked into doing it! o_O