End of Season Awards

Big Jim

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Should Ciaran McKinney not get a mention for his work with the goalkeepers
Hell yes!! Need a reason to add everyone in or close to the whole county :p

Goalkeeping thingy (what he said ) - Ciaran whatshecalled!! Because TB is correct


Player of the Year - rian o neill
Most Improved Player - jason duffy
Best Team Performance - donegal qualifier
Worst Team Performance - donegal ulster championship
Moment of the Year - rians free kick
Goal of the Season - grugan vs donegal
One to Watch (for next year). - eoin woods


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Well done to the lads who got one-
Ethan Raff Jarly Og, Soupy, Grugan and Rian O’Neill, with O’Neill picking up player of the year as well. Hopefully one or 2 manage to get on the all stars proper.


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All picked from the 4 All Ireland semi finalists - so it demeans all other games and competitions - provincial, league, Tailtean Cup etc. Lazy choices - therefore there is a lot less interest in the All Stars than there used to be.
No doubt Rian deserved one for his performances throughout the year - but there you go........