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Kieran McGeeney goes #HairlessForTheHospice

Discussion in 'Official Site News' started by Admin1, May 17, 2020.

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    Armagh GAA Senior Football Manager Kieran McGeeney is going #HairlessForTheHospice in an effort to raise much needed funds for the Southern Area Hospice in Newry. Having accepted fellow teammate Justin McNulty’s nomination, Kieran will go hairless when he hits his target.

    Southern Area Hospice Services provide invaluable support and care to people suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses living within the Southern Health Board area. All services are provided free of charge and SAHS rely heavily on voluntary donations to continue providing special care.

    Donate Now

    Introducing his challenge Kieran McGeeney said, “Hello everyone, Kieran McGeeney here hoping you are all keeping safe and well. But not just that, I’m also here to ask you a big favour…

    “These are troubling times for each of us, but, for some much more than others. When you or a loved one has a terminal illness each day can be a struggle, not to mind adding to that the anxiety, stress, loneliness, and fear the current COVID pandemic brings to so many of us. There are countless brilliant organisations and charities that are currently struggling big time to do what they do best, helping people. Our local Hospice in Newry is one of them. We all know what Trojan amazing work they do in the Hospice, day in and day out, providing specialist palliative care for so many of our families and friends. But they are now struggling and they need our help.

    “So I’m asking you please to help me help them. I am going to go #HairlessForTheHospice (thank you Justin McNulty for the nomination!) And I’m not doing this for the craic – but, if I give some of you a laugh well that’s great too as we can all do with more laughter and light during these days! I’m very serious about this though. I want to raise as much money as is possible for a cause that I know will resonate with unfortunately too many of us. I know we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. And YOU can genuinely help by clicking on the donate button or visiting Just Giving page as detailed below.

    “So PLEASE, don’t just scroll on or say you’ll come back to this later, do it now. Donate.

    “Whatever you can afford. Donate. If you want to see me shaving my hair (as opposed to pulling it out during championship!?!)….then DONATE NOW. Please! The hospice needs you. Do it now.

    “Thank you and stay safe, Kieran McGeeney”

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