New training complex in Portadown


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Maybe I missed that bit, but is that "Crap And Friggin' Expensive"

No, ‘Centre of Armagh Footballing Excellence’.

But it’s ‘CAFE’ above the doer. You know, to keep Jamie on board thinking he’s going to be sorted with his skinny lattes and such muck.


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Why is it a mad location? Were 15 minutes from Armagh City, good road network and there are around a dozen clubs within 10 miles of the location. Surprised and delighted north Armagh was chosen for it.
Also, furthest journey from anywhere in the county is about 30 odd miles? Not a huge distance. I'm sure there are further distances to cover in relation to Tyrone and Garvaghey
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When does building start....and when is it due to open?
Was told this morning it's up for ratification at the next county board meeting and then it'll be put forward for planning permission. I guess timescales will be relevant to how long that process takes, but I know Paul McCreanor the architect and he'd be fairly sure of getting it through planning before releasing his final proposal I'd imagine.

Possibly some others will be able to shed light on the board meeting as to whether that is correct.

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As for Portadown being the location, I ask why not. Is there a suitable central location that was available, affordable and overlooked?

Garvaghey, Owenbeg, Cloghan (or Inniskeen which is really a training facility??), Convoy, Ballykinler, Lissan, are not exactly central or at their county grounds. The only exception I can think of in Ulster is Cavan who are developing at Breffni, but then they have a lot of land there available to them. Antrim don't even have a home ground at present and there's certainly no room beside Casement for a development like that.

Our other neighbours in Louth have an impressive set up at Darver. May be half way between Dundalk and Ardee, but not handy for some pats of the county, nor near the central location of the hub of Drogheda.