Ulster Championship 2024

Peter grimes

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Few interesting reads on RTE this morning. One in relation to the keeper debate and the other rather frank view from Mark McHugh on Armagh people.
I think McHugh was just reacting to a truly weird interview Joe Kernan gave.

I don’t agree with McHugh but by god it was teed up for him


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I can't even put into words how this has made me feel. I get the team are hurting but ultimately it was their own fault..again. If Burns is looking towards the bench to confirm wether he should go for a score then that unearths a whole load of other problems

The team collectively has a weak mentality and I don't think there is any way to overcome that.
Yes we had chances to win it but donegal would just not go away and were unbelievably efficient with their shots and kickouts. Their Penatlies were brilliant too. I can't imagine the devastation the players are feeling going through this yet again. I will certainly not be criticising them on here. For that to have happened to them 4 times is just fucking cruel. It was a mammoth effort by both teams.