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    We'll get it tight enough against Derry in the Ulster final.
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    Is McCambridge in the Armagh panel? Was very impressed by him and Heffron yesterday.
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    Intermediate B Football League 2020

    Ballyhegan blew it today. Collegeland 1.09 Ballyhegan 0.12
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    Aidan forker

    Like some of you, i remember the abuse Aidan Forker was given on the old forum, and couldn't get my head round the calls for him to be dropped. He's a class act and a true leader, can play anywhere on the field and plays right on the edge. I doubt he will get an all star this time but he should...
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    Underrated Armagh players

    Really? I've seen many polls where Paul McGrane features. I'd add Andy Mallon to those previously mentioned.
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    Senior championship

    Mr. McEntee man of the match but special mention has to go to the referee.
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    Minor football

    Division 2 and 3 minor finals tonight in the athletic grounds. Best of luck to Ballyhegan tonight
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    Qualifiers 2019

    Bring on tyrone......
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    Junior Football League 2019

    Great to see Mullabrack back.
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    National League 2019

    That first half was embarrassing, like a bunch of lads who'd been up drinking til dawn. I accept we had nothing to play for but where was the pride in the jersey? 2nd half was better but it was obvious Deegan was was going to do everything in his power to get Cork over the line,
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    Ulster club

    Bookies have Cross at 1/2, bit skinny maybe?
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    Senior championship 2018

    That was the best county final in years. Huge credit to Ballymacnab for having a go, just didn't have the bench in the end and a lack of experience maybe was a factor too. Some top quality scores from both sides, thon Jack Grugan lad has some left leg on him. Kyle Carragher is a quality forwrd...
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    Senior championship 2018

    I'm a tad late posting this but i have to say i was very impressed by Crossmaglen or maybe i am just impressed by a team whose first instinct is to kick the ball forward, or maybe it's both, anyway, carry on......................
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    2018 Club Championship Sweepstake

    Grange, great, can i change mine to Mullabrack?
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    Intermediate championship 2018

    Easy win for Ballyhegan tonight, dominated midfield and possession and in truth should have won by more. I was surprised how poor the Grange were though.
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    Club Intermediate Football League 2018

    Davitts beat tullysaran by a point after a great come back.
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    Qualifiers 2018

    Ros will score a few more goals if something isn't done. Why not push up on roscommon's kickouts? Entertaining game for the neutral i'd say.