Championship 2021


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I didn’t see the game but you have to know how to play the ref as well as the opposition. Some are tough on physical stuff, others on technical stuff, others on ‘manners’ as you call it.

I was not angel and got what I deserved over the years so I am not preaching but I never really complained. I generally deserved what I got. If you tell a ref to f#%k off or similar then you are giving him the power to decide your future in the game.
As much as a lot of them deserve to be told where to go, theres not much point in saying it and you deserve to walk if you so. Never seen a ref change his mind yet so you’re safer shutting up.


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From where I was sitting I could see Duffy mouthing at him and for quite a while. Couldnt make out what he was saying. It I doubt it was complimentary


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Very impressive result from Culloville. Sarsfield’s must have believed their own hype in the end, I thought they would blow them away but it looks like Culloville had their homework done. Even without their best forward Watters they ran the Sarsfield’s defence ragged. Very interesting final lies ahead.