2021/22 ‘Fastest Goal Of The Week’ Competition


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This is it, folks. The final week...

Week 38

Arsenal v Everton
Brentford v Leeds
Brighton v West Ham
Burnley v Newcastle
Chelsea v Watford
Crystal Palace v Man Utd
Leicester v Southampton
Liverpool v Wolves
Man City v Aston Villa
Norwich v Tottenham

- Get your predictions in by Sunday at 4pm.


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Fastest goals in Week 38:

Wolves - 3rd minute
Chelsea - 11th minute
Tottenham - 16th minute

2 points for @Big Jim

1 point for @PatMustard and @green flag


Final League Table:

@PatMustard - 30
@JoeH - 25
@green flag - 24
@ragingbull - 22
@jpowell100 - 20
@Ard Mhacha 13 - 18
@Throwball - 17
@John Hogg - 15
@M18 - 15
@sidelineball - 15
@Big Jim - 14
@Bro - 3
@Pete Mcgrath - 3

So, that’s it folks.

I won’t milk it too much like. But all I will say is it’s been an enjoyable competition this season. Thanks to everyone for playing. Hope you all enjoyed.

Hope to see you all again at the start of next season.

Big Jim

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Congratulations @PatMustard on a very well run and entertaining competition.

I'd just like to say it's been an absolute pleasure taking part, but sadly it hasn't so I won't ya cheating rat!!!!!

Now that the niceties are out of the way ya cheating rat I think you're a cheating rat, ya cheating rat. The only person on here that actually makes @ragingbull look dacent!!! and he's just a rat :rolleyes:

Anyway, thanks for running this Patrick (in all sincerity) It genuinely is really appreciated and best part is I could prove I know nahin at all about ground ball! (you're still a cheating rat ya cheating rats rat!!) :cool: