2022/23 ‘Fastest Goal Of The Week’ Competition


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Week 19

Aston Villa v Leeds
Man Utd v Man City
Brighton v Liverpool
Everton v Southampton
Nottm Forest v Leicester
Wolves v West Ham
Brentford v Bournemouth
Chelsea v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v Fulham
Tottenham v Arsenal

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Big Jim

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Fastest goals in Week 19:

Aston Villa - 3rd minute
Arsenal - 14th minute
Brentford/Everton - 39th minute*

* (I couldn’t find the exact times of Brentford’s and Everton’s goals, so I’ll have to award a point for each).

1 point each for @Big Jim @ragingbull and @Ard Mhacha 13
I think you're being unfair on 'bull. He had both so deserves an extra point for having both and an extra 10 points for being daft enough to have both :p


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Week 20

Liverpool v Chelsea
Bournemouth v Nottm Forest
Leicester v Brighton
Southampton v Aston Villa
West Ham v Everton
Crystal Palace v Newcastle
Leeds v Brentford
Man City v Wolves
Arsenal v Man Utd
Fulham v Tottenham

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