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So, after tonight...

Denmark and @sidelineball bow out.

And... frig sake... I can’t bear to say it... En... Eng... ah jaysus... England and @green flag go into the friggin’ final! :mad:

You’re clearly not listening @green flag - this is what the Orchard Forum regulars did to the last boyo who didn’t do what he was told ;)

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They came up against a team that were half decent, were dominated and bottled in on penalties as usual. One game away from Wembley and they still couldn't win. Have to say, I have enjoyed this looks more than any of the others.


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Well done to Italy and @jpowell100 on winning the title.

Hard luck to @green flag (and er, Eng.... nah, I just can’t say it). You’re not a bad lad really. You kept us all on our toes until the very end. But you knew it made sense not to win it (Your kneecaps will thank you too!) :D

Hope you all enjoyed the competition. Thanks to everyone for taking part. I just facilitate it, you’re the ones that make it happen.

Until the next time...