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What day would you like Senior club fixtures to be played on?

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did the bring lads down for championship then? How did they go from being competitive in the b league to tanking teams in the championship?
To be honest the only team we ‘tanked’ was Ballyhegan in the final. Got past Kileavey and Thomas Davis by the minimum in the 1/4 and 1/2 finals.

We’d only one player drop down from the senior panel, the bigger influence was some of the minors who hadn’t played throughout the league stepping up once their minor football had ended.

Absolute no brainier for any club that can sustain a seconds team, as mentioned already, the reserve league is a complete waste of time for any clubs who want to use it to genuinely develop younger players.

Best of luck to our neighbours St Peter’s and any other clubs going ahead with a seconds team in 2024.


Killeavy dropped multiple players down to the seconds team for championship.

The rule should be simple. Name 2 squads for each team and that’s it for the year. No hoping up and down teams. It’s totally unfair on smaller clubs who are actually junior

It’s also unfair that the seconds teams players train with top players as well in most cases so they are already getting higher coaching etc


And to continue that 100% they shouldn’t be allowed to take part in the championship. Clann Eireann barely even celebrated it. It’s totally destroying the aspect of what the junior championship is to clubs


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Great to see more teams entering the leagues, more competitive football benefits the entire county.

Cullyhanna IIs were a big miss when they withdrew, they were always competitive at that level. Others weren’t as successful such as the Og’s II. And Killian never got off the ground with killeavy being so close and offering IIs ball along with hurling. Best of luck to the new teams, hope they can establish themselves and lift the standard in the junior.


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It’s also unfair that the seconds teams players train with top players as well in most cases so they are already getting higher coaching etc
You couldn’t hold it against lads for using the full resources of their club.

At the end of the day you’re playing against lads outside the clubs top 22 players where the junior club has a full hand.


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Is there any other county that allows second teams to play in their all county leagues? It’s becoming pretty farcical

I’d imagine a guess Dorsey & Lissummon aren’t best pleased having to stay in the higher grade after struggling last year. Especially Dorsey who recorded no wins
Monaghan do it, although I think Scotstown are the only club that field a IIs side.

Tyrone do it, Errigal Ciaran field a well established IIIs (and IVs!). Donaghmore field one as well.

Dublin do it, in fact I think one of the “super clubs” had a stint in Division 2 and played their IIs in the league.

Antrim allowed for IIs and IIIs in their leagues up until fairly recently. Derry did as well.

Going back years ago it would have been fairly common until proper reserve leagues were formed. I’m open to correction here but I think in the 100 odd years of the Armagh JFC only Clans, Cross & CE have won it with a second string - any concerns of IIs teams dominating should be allayed.

On a side note, I’m sure Dorsey & Lissummon are distraught at the thought of *not* being relegated