Random Gaa Questions

Ard Mhacha 13

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Pure guesswork on my part but I'm going with Jimmy Smyth, Paddy Moriarty, Joe Kernan & Colm McKinstry. Am I close?


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Rubbish effort on my part.
You're bin a bit hard on yourself there, it was a decent effort.
Great question, only noticing it now. My guess is that from The GAAs answer, Johnny would be the odd one out as he may have been away by that time? So ill go for Joe, Rafferty, Mc Alinden and.......Jim Mc Kerr?


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Can you name how many players were in the Armagh team this year that were in the Armagh team that played against down in the 2010 league final?


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From the XV who started the 2002 AI final, who were the first and second players to announce their retirement?